Phantasia Dreams Title

by Robert Linck

Welcome to Phantasia Dreams, a free, kick butt, online, multi-player, dungeons and dragons, fantasy role-playing, adventure game. All characters currently online can adventure together in this dungeons and dragons style realm. Become a Magic-user, Fighter, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Ent, Human or Angel and fight evil throughout the realm, beat on your friends, pillage the countryside, horde gold and rescue helpless virgins.

Ok to download a nice copy of a mana spread calc I made for Phantasia Ultimate.

Click here to download a copy.
(Updated 2/12/03)

This is one of the better free online role-playing adventure games on the net. The multi-player interaction is terrific. - Felix

I used to waste my life playing Dungeons and Dragons. Today, I waste it in this fantasy adventure game. Free me, please! - Miles

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